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1.   Is this tracking "real time"?
    Certainly. GPSTech tracking systems provides customers "real time" tracking, with GPS devices updating their specific location and status based on a customer’s chosen tracking interval, allowing for the user to have constant updates as to the movement of the vehicles.
2.   How long will the historical data and report be stored?
    All historical data and report will be store for 6 months.
3.   What type of mapping does GPS Tech use?
    GPS Tech uses Google mapping which includes a standard map, satellite and hybrid. This method of mapping is advantageous as it is easy to use and monitor, and can be used with many different interfaces
4.   What do I need as a user to monitor the tracking units?
    All you need is a PC, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection, and you will be able to track any vehicle. All is web based and you just need to log on to our website at
5.   Do I have to have a data plan and/or purchase a sim card with GPRS services for tracking service?
    Yes, and this is already included in all packages that we offer.
6.   Is your web tracking portal compatible with different mobile platforms?
    Yes, and we are also continually upgrading the compatibility of this with different platforms to keep up with the evolution of technology.
7.   Can the driver notify the Contact Centre and/or supervisor/PIC (Person In Charge) if he/she is in danger?
    Yes, by pressing the Panic Button provided, the device will send an alert notification to our 24 hour Contact Centre and send an alert message to the two emergency contact persons provided by the Customer, informing of the incident and location. This is one of GPSTech’s safety feature, putting the safety of the Customer first.
8.   How often does the GPS tracking system update the vehicle current location?
    Our standard system will update every 1 to 2 minutes.
9.   Can I install the GPS units without the driver of the vehicle’s knowledge?
    Yes, the tracking device is virtually undetectable by the driver.
10.   Can the system inform me when my driver speeds above the speed limit?
    Yes. Data such as this is captured in “real time” by the tracking units, and will be included in the reports provided within the service.
11.   What will happen is the GPS tracking device is tampered with?
    If there is any tampering on our device, an alert notification will trigger our 24 hours Call Centre and the device will immediately send an alert message to the two emergency contact persons provided for by the Customer. Our tracking device also has an internal backup battery which will last for at least 4 hours and will still continue to send out status updates even when the device is detached from its main power supply.

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