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GPSTech Put To The Test

12th September 2012 -GPSTech’s 24-hours Emergency Service Centre (ESC) contacted a V-Track customer and informed that we received a panic sensor from one of his logistic truck; the vehicle location was at Pusat Kawalan Kastam, Bayan Lepas.

The Customer immediately called the driver of the vehicle to check whether there was anything wrong. However the driver was unreachable at the time.

Immediately, the Customer requested the ESC to “Immobilize” the vehicle, a safety feature offered whereby the vehicle would come to a stop when its speed dropped to within a safe speed limit.

After 30 minutes, the Customer called in to ESC and requested to turn the “Immobilize” feature off, as he had managed to speak to the driver of the vehicle, and informing ESC that it was a false alarm.

It was then disclosed to ESC that it was a ‘test run’ conducted by the Customer’s internal client, and all parties were thoroughly satisfied with the products and the immediate support provided under the circumstances, allowing the client to successfully complete their business, no matter what troubles they could potentially face.
Efficiently Saving Operation Cost

22nd October 2012 - A GPSTech Customer that had his truck installed with fuel rod sensor technology contacted the Research and Development (R&D) Department analyst to investigate a possible fuel siphoning case.

Upon generating the fuel sensor report for the said vehicle using the WebTrac system, the analyst studied the report accordingly, and confirmed that fuel siphoning did occur from 15th to 19th October.

The detailed report was submitted to the customer allowing them to take immediate action on the perpetrator. This in turn assisted the company to save their operation cost.

Immediate Track and Trace !

19th October 2012 - GPSTech received an urgent distress call at 1000 hours to inform that one of the vehicles within her fleet had been hijacked. Immediately, the Emergency Service Centre (ESC) personnel were assigned to handle, respond, and monitor the situation closely.

At 1020 hours, GPSTech confirmed to the Customer that the current vehicle status was “Ignition Off; Stop” and that its location was determined to be Jalan Selesa, Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur.

At the same time, a police report was lodged by the customer.

At 1035 hours, GPSTech made a call back to the Customer; she told us that the taxi has been recovered at the said location by PDRM, and the vehicle was returned to the customer within the same day.

During the duration of this event, GPSTech ESC called and updated the Customer constantly to give an assurance that ESC team is making every effort to assist in the recovery of the mentioned stolen vehicle.

With the successful recover of the said vehicle, it is evident that the GPSTech vehicle tracking device, system and ESC are reliable, effective, and the ESC team is always ready and prepared to assist its valued customer to recover the stolen vehicle in the most professional manner.

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